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Get rid of those troublesome points ignition with this electronic ignition distributor.


(If you require a matching coil we can supply for an additional £25.00)



034 advance curve with centrifugal and vacuum advance.

Built in 12V electronic ignition module.


Advantages of the 034 distributor over the 009 distributor 

Smoother power delivery by removing the 009's infamous "flat spot" on acceleration

Cooler engine temperatures

More power, throughout the advance curve

Better fuel economy



CAREFULL WIRING REQUIRED: Triple check your wiring BEFORE fitting the wires. once they have been wired incorrectly it blows the points module instantly! 


Module is tested before shipping so we cannot take these back if its wired incorrectly. (We can repair at cost for you though)


Fitting instructions

Engine timing should be set after installation. Use a stroboscopic timing light. Timing should be set initially at 30-32� BTDC at 3,500+ RPM, vacuum hose disconnected and plugged. Maximum advance, at 3,500+ RPM, vacuum hose connected, with no load on engine (car sitting still), light throttle, should not exceed 42-44� BTDC.


Splitscreen1950 - 1967
Beetle1947 - 1979
Karmann Ghia1955 - 1974
Beetle Cabrio1949 - 1979
Buggy/Baja1947 - 1954, 1956 - 1979
Baywindow1968 - 1979
Type 31961 - 1975

034 Distributor with 12V Electronic Ignition and Vacuum Advance

SKU: AC9050051
£113.95 Regular Price
£99.95Sale Price
VAT Included
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