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Aircooled Hut UK is a small business based in Mansfield, focusing primarily on Aircooled Volkswagen & Porsche engines.


My passion for tinkering with engines started as a teenager, tuning 50cc motorcycles. upon leaving school I enrolled with the local college for motor engineering. Over the years my love of petrol engines has progressed to high performance cars and Sports Motorcycles & of course Volkswagen's.  With a love for building engine's and speed it was inevitable that the high performance Aircooled engine would become part of my working week.


Aircooled Hut UK stems from a love of tinkering with my own Volkswagen engines while working as an engineer in another field (Almost 20 years) to eventually going full time several years ago. Since then my waiting list has steadily grown by word of mouth and repeat customers who own several Volkswagen's. 

As the work load has grown I have moved from working in the home garage and workshop to an industrial unit and soon will have no choice than to move again due to the ever increasing machinery bought to enable us to do almost all aspect of engine work in house.

I have also invested a large amount of time finding the right candidates to work along side me to ensure customers expectations are met regarding waiting times and quality of work.


All Type 1 builds from a 1950's 1200cc engine right up to an all new parts 2332cc engine. (Bigger are available)

Our Type 4 engines are also getting very popular with engine capacities of 2.3 litre and above available.

Then there are the WBX T3 engines which can also be build with increased capacity and HP.

We also supply part or full Engine kits & parts are available to order, along with parts sales and machine work. 


Get in touch for a chat and see how we can help your pride and joy.

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