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Did you know we also build Porsche Engines?

1948 – Porsche 356
1964 – Porsche 911
1965 – Porsche 912
1969 – Porsche 914


While we mainly build the very popular Volkswagen Air-Cooled engines, we do also get our share of the beautifully crafted Air-Cooled Porsche Engines in for refurbishment.

They share the same principles of the VW Air-cooled engine, but every part was designed to be superior in some way. performance & durability.

Building them is a passion for us, with great care taken at every step, to ensure a trouble free engine. 


Dynamic balancing of the crankshaft, Flywheel, Pulley & pressure plate is done in house, to ensure the rotating mass runs smoothly.

This keeps the internals of the engine from wearing quickly, while also increasing performance.


The last benefit, is the overall driving experience is far more enjoyable.


Every build can be done to suit your needs. One person may just want the engine to perform well and be reliable, the next may also want it to look the part also. 


Get in touch to discuss your needs and what we can do for you.


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