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Engine Warranty

All goods and work carried out by Aircooled Hut UK are sold subject to the warranty terms and conditions set out below.
This warranty is valid for the following period for materials or workmanship failures of all Road only engines supplied by Aircooled Hut UK. Any engine classed as a Race engine has a limited warranty. (See terms bottom of page)
Reconditioned Exchange Engines and New engines bought/ordered before 01/11/2019: 12 months or 10,000 miles whichever is soonest after date of invoice, and limited to the United Kingdom only.

This covers the following: Bottom end of Engine & the top end of the Engine. (This includes Crankshaft, con rods, camshaft, bearings, pistons/barrels, cylinder heads, rockers, pushrods/tubes, flywheel.)

(Gearboxes sold by us are covered by the warranty of our chosen gearbox specialist)

Refurbished engines being built up to complete engines have a video of it running as proof of the job being completed, with no warranty available on used parts fitted or the setup/tune of the engine past this. 

New Turnkey engines ordered after 01/11/2019 have a 1-year warranty. (Quotes/Invoices accepted after this date) The warranty covers the engine to ensure it is 'Fit for purpose' and as such any coatings are not covered by this warranty.
During the period of the warranty, Aircooled Hut UK guarantee their product against defective workmanship and /or failure of components used in the reconditioning of their engine and will only be responsible for rectification of faulty engine subject to the following conditions.

All our engines must be tuned immediately on a rolling road to ensure correct fuelling, failure to do so will invalidate any warranty. Proof of this in the form of a VAT Receipt & Graph print out will be asked for in the event of a warranty claim. (Ask for rolling road not to perform power runs while still running engine in)

500 Mile running in period is required following installation, at a speed not exceeding 3,000 revs. Once run-in treat your engine with care and remember this is a classic air cooled engine and shall not withstand being driven like modern vehicles.
Engine is to be fitted and serviced by a reputable vat registered garage, with proof given to Aircooled Hut UK in writing. The engine should be stopped as soon as any sign of engine part or full failure is detected or any sizeable oil leak. Oil must be checked on a regular basis and all tin wares must be in place.
Oil leaks are a common problem with classic engines and only leaks of a sizeable amount will be dealt with under warranty. 

Ancillaries/ Consumables such as Distributor, Coil, Carburettors, alternators, Clutch disc/pressure plates, filters, plugs, leads, strainers, points, main oil seal are not covered under the warranty stated above, but instead are covered by the manufacturer warranty if one is given. We may at our discretion send parts as a good will gesture if failure is proven to be within 28 days.

Engine tuning is not covered, this includes carburettors, EFI tuning, timing, points, plugs. We perform the initial tune and start-up on turnkey engines, to ensure the engine has no issues but better tuning is needed on a rolling road as mentioned above. Also, there is no guarantee it will stay tuned in transit.
Engine Oil to be changed after first 20 minutes of running to burn in the cam shaft (Aircooled Hut perform this on turn key engines) 100 miles, 500 mile.  (500 miles should be a full engine service as below.
a) Check and reset tappet clearances (excluding hydraulic lifter engines)
b) Change oil
c) Check ignition distributor timing and reset if necessary

This warranty does not cover:
Engine failures as a result of customer or 3rd party poor installation or poor maintenance or damage to an engine caused by a small problem that has been allowed to become a larger problem.  Also defects by or arising out of: fair wear and tear, misuse, neglect, accident, incorrect fuel or oil, racing or speed trials, any modification, alteration, repair or attempt to repair, without Aircooled Hut UK written consent, external influences (weather, war, etc) or as a result of the failure of any customers existing ancillary component i.e. Ignition components, hoses, radiator, carburettor etc. during and following the assembling of the ancillaries onto the engine or any ancillary items replaced for new therefore covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. 

Cosmetic appearance is not covered under any warranty, this includes variations in colour of paint of powder coating. Neither of which are covered for wear, rust or any other cosmetic appearances. 

We will endeavour to send video and/or images of completed work and this shall be taken as acceptance of quality for all cosmetic appearances.  Tin ware shall be coated in Black unless we are given written instruction at least 1 month prior to completion.
Aircooled Hut UK will not be responsible for any consequential loss, (e.g., towing or courier charges, car hire, hotel expenses, loss of earnings, recovery costs from overseas etc.
Damage recoverable under any other warranty or policy insurance.
No work shall commence without the authority of Aircooled Hut UK.  Any fault must be reported to Aircooled Hut UK in writing or by telephone and confirmed in writing with photographic evidence. 
Aircooled Hut UK shall not be responsible for any costs incurred when returning engines and or parts. Nor shall they be responsible for any cost for removal or refitting.
Throughout the period of this warranty the owner shall maintain and service the vehicle in accordance with Aircooled Hut UK service schedule defined in this warranty.
All engines returned under warranty shall be inspected for signs of overheating, user error.  Warranty is invalidated if the engine appears to have overheated when inspecting the engine & overheat tabs stuck to engine.

Should we find the damage was caused by overheat/improper fitment, carelessness, intentional damage or any other reason not covered by warranty then all repair work will be chargeable at our current hourly rate in line with similar workshops, with parts required charged at current retail prices.
This warranty is NOT transferable during the warranty period to a new owner.

Aircooled hut sometimes ships engines on the request of a customer, Aircooled hut will give the customer a choice about shipping insurance and the cost involved. Any damage or loss occurring is between the customer and courier. We will endeavour to help rectify any issues that arise in shipping of parts and/or Engines, but any claim being made over the value of £300 will not be paid out by Aircooled hut UK ltd until a time that the insurance claim is settled in full of the relevant insurance company.  If you do not agree to this, then you must appoint your own couriers. 

This Warranty will not apply if the repair is necessitated as a result of fair wear and tear. This also applies to any used parts refitted as part of a reconditioned engine. (Example: used exhaust refitted but cracks open would not be covered by warranty) 

If a reconditioned engine is replaced under the terms of this Warranty, the replacement engine will be covered for the balance of the original guarantee.
This Warranty is applicable to mainland United Kingdom and Northern Ireland only; additional insurance cover is recommended when travelling abroad with the vehicle.

Aircooled Hut UK LTD reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions of this Warranty from time to time without prior notification.


Engines fitted with high performance camshafts with lift larger than 0.350" and/or larger than stock crankshafts (69mm) and/or making over 100bhp are classed as Race engines NOT for street use. Any fuel delivery system other than carburettors is also classed as a Race engine and as such carries a Limited warranty. (This includes Fuel injection, Turbo & Nitrous Oxide systems)

This also includes any Road based engine which is then used for racing of any sorts.

Limited warranty is for 30 days only from collection of engine and covers the long block only. (Excluding all tuning, cosmetics and cooling systems)



Delivery of Parts/Engines/Gearboxes or anything else sold by Aircooled Hut UK LTD must be checked and notify us within 14 days of any faults/damage or incorrect items. After this period, we cannot be held responsible. 

Nothing in the above warranty affects the customer’s statutory rights.

Should you be a trade customer then you MUST ensure the above information is given to your customer.

Please print a copy of these warranty terms.

Aircooled Hut UK Limited

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