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Can I use E10 fuel...

The main threat to classic cars from E10 fuel is the extra 5% of ethanol taking it up to 10%. Not a massive change but enough to cause some problems.

Ethanol is a solvent which damages rubber, plastic and fibreglass components, such as fuel lines, filters and fibreglass petrol tanks. Causing cracking and splitting of such components. At best, this means they need to be replaced more frequently and, at worst, it creates a risk of fuel leaks and fire.  


Ethanol is hygroscopic, which means it absorbs water from the atmosphere.

This could lead to condensation forming, especially if a car is left unused for long periods. The extra condensation will then increase corrosion in metal areas such as the fuel tank and carburettor.

Also the different composition of E10 fuel with it's extra Ethanol will probably cause the vehicle to run lean in older carburettor engines.


Then there is the added risk a  higher ethanol content could loosen deposits, clog filters, jets etc. in the fuel system.

Below are a few options & my opinion on solutions. **

Use E5  Unleaded

Don't use it. Instead carry on as you have already, using the current E5 fuel which will become the Super unleaded option & should still be available at many if not all fuel stations. This will no doubt be more costly but the easiest way. 

If you accidentally fill with E10 you shouldnt cause any harm but do be mindful it could cause a lean running condition. So maybe add an additive to be sure.

Use E10 Unleaded

You could go ahead and use E10 fuel but as noted above it will be corrosive to parts and make your engine run lean.

So if you do choose to run E10 do the following:

Have a Rolling road session to have the Carbs jetted to suit the new fuel.  

Make sure your fuel lines are Ethanol resistant & in good condition.

Keep a close eye out for potential leaks from carbs, pump, lines etc. 

Fuel Additives

Use a fuel additive to make the fuel less harmful. 

Various brands are available, but my choice would be Driven or Lucas. (Be sure to follow manufacturers instructions.)

We will also be stocking additives in our store!


Regardless of which option you choose, additive, E5 or E10 fuel, you MUST always carry out regular checks on your fuel system.

Fuel lines MUST be Ethanol resistant (We stock Codan R9 & full kits)
Never leave E10 in your system for long periods.
Carry TWO fire extinguishers as fire's can reignite up to an hour later.

** The above information is my personal opinion on the new fuel and as such you should always do your own research. 

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