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(Priced individually)

EMPI's GTV-2 Racing VW Dual Port Cylinder Head.

Available for piston sizes 85.5mm 90.5mm or 92mm.

Cast with 20% larger than stock intake and exhaust ports for more strength and rigidity than stock heads.
Comes with power and strength cast right in from the factory. Has additional material around the combustion chamber and interior walls allowing for deep fly cuts and large porting without the need for welding.
Fitted with Stainless Steel 40mm intake & 35.5mm exhaust valves. The valves are held in place with Single Hi-Rev Springs, Chromoly Retainers and hardened keepers after the head receives a professional, performance valve job. The cylinder openings in the heads are roughly 98.5mm.

(12mm, Long Reach plugs required)

20% Larger than stock Intake & Exhaust Ports.

Performance 3 angle valve job from the factory.

Stainless Steel 40mm Intake & 35.5mm Exhaust Valves

Additional material in the combustion chamber allows deep fly cutting

Single Hi-Rev Valve Springs, Chromoly Retainers & Hardened Keepers

Drilled and tapped for 12mm, 3/4 Reach Spark Plugs

Spark Plug positioned away from valve seats to eliminate stress cracks

Thick walls around Intake & Exhaust Ports allows for custom porting

Exhaust air passages are clear for proper cooling

56cc Chambers


Width: 305mm

Height: 160mm

Depth: 205mm

Weight: 6.2kg

This Part Fits - Beetle, Karmann Ghia, Bay window, Split screen, Trekker, Type 3, Buggy

85.5mm / 90.5mm / 92mm / GTV-2 Performance Cylinder head 40mm x 35.5mm Valves.

SKU: 25142
VAT Included
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