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One of the very best Oil pumps available for Classic VW Vehicles. These can be used in your road vehicle, performance road car or even good if you can to try the race track once in a while!

2 choices in each Pump (Plugged or not)

26mm Pumps

GB 233
- 26mm oil pump machined to fit '70 and later big oil pickup hole case. Case usually has 5/8" or 3/4" pickup tube. Includes VWA111-115-131A/B gaskets also.

GB 233A 26mm - GB 233 plugged for use with a full flow oil pump cover (see GB 239 through 241B). Includes VWA111-115-131A/B gaskets also.

30mm Pumps
Special larger pumps for engines that require over 60 pounds of pressure such as all out race engines running 5,000 to 10,500 RPM. These require the GB 239-239B oil pressure relief cover to protect blowing out coolers, oil passage plugs, or filters.

GB 234 30mm oil pump, late style for dual oil pressure relief cases.

GB 234A 30mm GB 234 plugged for use with an oil pressure relief valve full flow oil pump cover.

GENE BERG Plugged Oil Pump VW TYPE 1 Beetle Bus Type 2 26mm / 30mm

VAT Included
usually 1 or 2 months lead time
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