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4 Speed Made in USA by Gene Berg Enterprises.

Silver T handle

Gene Berg 4 Speed Shifters Pre 1960 bus shifter LHD
Pre 1960 bus shifter. Chassis number up through 501706, ball diameter 15.7mm. Polished inset T handle as standard subject to availability. Approx 22" tall. Please note that you should always check your ball diameter BEFORE ordering as we are seeing a rising number of cases where previous owners have replaced the stock shift rod with the 60-65 one. We are able to make a hybrid shifter for this, as neither the GB 6746 or 6748 will work correctly. SW #5

These shifters now have a Silver T Handle as stock with all other handles being upgrades. (as below)


ADD BALL plus £45 - Ball handle upgrade to shifter ordered at same time. LHD & RHD, black powdercoated. Polished ADD $10 NOTE This is a replacement for the original T handle, and NOT an extra handle.

ADD-MIDNIGHT SPECIAL plus £45. - All black non-locking shifter, base, shaft and handle upgrade.

Gene Berg 4 Speed Shifters Pre 1960 bus shifter LHD

SKU: GB6746
VAT Included
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