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Engle 100 camshaft.

Great for Bus or Bug!

Designed for use with a 3 bolt cam wheel and a pre 1971 oil pump. Well suited to Type 2's and engines.

This camshaft is supplied without a drive wheel which must be purchased separately, you should always fit new cam followers with a new Camshaft.

Designed for 1.1 or 1.25 rockers, and it's specs are .383" Cam Lift, .420" Valve Lift (1.1 Rockers), 276 degrees of advertised duration, and 236 degrees of duration at .050", on a 108 Lobe Center.

An excellent low-end cam. It will work with the stock carburetor (rough idle, cleaning up at 1500RPM), or a center mount 2bbl. It will idle like stock with dual 1bbls or dual 2bbl carbs.

Works great with stock heads, but as head work is increased so does performance!


Power band of idle to 5500 RPMs

You can get by with HD Single Valve springs and Bolt On Rocker Shafts. Use a compression ratio of 7.5-8.25:1.

Use with 1.25 rockers, to extend the top end to 5200 (DUAL SPRINGS ARE REQUIRED)

Engle W100 Camshaft: Beetle 1960-1979, T2 Bay 1968-1979, T2 Split Bus 1960-1967

SKU: AC109000
VAT Included
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