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1915cc Engine Kit (est. 120hp)     (image shown not of this kit)


Using a 69mm crankshaft and 94mm pistons, these engine Kits are easy to assemble.

1915cc Engine Kit includes:

SCAT C25 Performance Camshaft Kit which includes Camshaft, Cam gear, Bolts, Lifters x8,

Universal AS41 Engine Case (fits Type-1 & Type-2)  Cut for 94's

Chromoly I-beam Rods (VW Journal) 5.400" length (set of 4)

Full Flow Oil Pump and cover (Pump outlet plugged)

Case assembly kit.

Elring Gasket set & Rear Main Seal - 1300 - 1600cc

Main Bearings (Std.)

Rod Bearings - Type-1 Std.

Stainless steel Push Rod Tubes (set of 8)

Big valve Heads 40X35.5  94 Bore (two heads)  Hi Rev Valve Springs

Heavy duty Push Rods

Big Bore Piston Kit, 94 x 69mm

Wrist Pin Clips (set of 8)

Bolt on Valve Covers (set of 2) 

8mm Deflector Plates - fits 13, 15, & 1600cc (set of 2)

Case Washer Set

Cam Plug

69mm Forged Crank 

Full weight Flywheel - 200mm (o-ring seal)

Heavy Duty Gland Nut / Heavy duty washer

8mm Head Stud Kit - Dual Port

Dual Thrust Camshaft Bearing Set.

Crankshaft Gear Assembly Kit w/Spacer

1.1:1 Stock Ratio Rocker set. Forged German Refurbished.  

End Play Shim Kit

Case Lock Nut Kit

Engine Case Bolts

(Flywheel and Crankshaft come ready balanced)


Sealant - Permatex aviation sealant. Free. 

HP figure is approximate and based on Dual choke Carbs, 1 1/2" Merged Header with compression set at 8.5:1.


(Image used is a general image of an engine which may not be this exact kit)


***No deep sump, rocker covers or pushrod tubes in this kit.***

Engine Kits - 120 HP 1915cc VW Type 1 Beetle BUS

SKU: 40
VAT Included
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