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Serious carbs for a serious engine!

Nothing really compares to a set of 48 IDA Webers. 48 IDA's are big carburetors with the largest flow capacity of all Dual Throat Carburetors and should be matched to larger more powerful engines.

This Weber kit comes complete with CB's New Big Beef IDA Manifolds included in kit. The top port opening is a full 48mm. The intake passage gradually reduces in size to accelerate the flow of air/fuel mixture. Also included in each 48 IDA kit is a complete Cross Bar linkage assembly that attaches to each carburetor top to provide exact throttle control. Basic 48 IDA kits are available to fit T-1 Dual Port Engines, T-4 and 914 Applications. Air filters are available for use in dune buggies and open framed cars. These special air filters feature aluminum bases and tops and include double wrap UNI elements.

Jetted to suit your engine on request 

Dual Weber 48 IDA, EMPI Manifolds, linkage Kit - Type-1 VW

SKU: 64181
VAT Included
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