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Fuel Hose which is safe for modern ethanol fuels.

Designed to resist modern aggressive Bio-ethanol enriched fuels (E5 & E10)
Which are currently served at the petrol pumps.

SAE J30 R9 Is the highest SAE specified grading available for petrol fuel lines.�

We Stock:
5.6mm for stock VW Solex type carbs.
7.3mm for Weber or Dellorto carbs.

Soon to stock 12.7mm for use as Oil lines.

Inner Diameter (ID) 5.6mm
Outer Diameter (OD) 12.2mm

Sold In 1 Meter Increments (purchases over 1M will be supplied in a continuous length upto 25m)

Codan 5.6mm R9 SAE J30 Ethanol tolerant Fuel hose

SKU: 70
VAT Included
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