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With 46 x 37.5mm Stainless Steel Valves, CNC Porting, VW650 Valve Springs, Titanium Retainers, & SUPERGRIP� Valve Locks. 94mm Bore.

With the addition of a Rottler 5-Axis CNC Mill to CB's arsenal of machinery, we saw an opportunity to gain more airflow from our Street Eliminator line of cylinder heads. So our R&D department at CB set out to create all new CNC ports with greater air flow and port velocity.

The new CNC ported SUPER STREET ELIMINATORS are based on an incredibly strong casting, making them one of the most durable cylinder heads in the VW industry. With it's strength, the SUPER STREET ELIMINATOR is perfect for turbo use, but also makes for a very powerful running naturally aspirated head. Intake port volume was kept low for increased driveability (76cc for the 42 & 44mm intake valve, 86cc for the 46mm intake valve).

Horsepower levels exceeding 450hp are capable on boosted engines and over 240hp on naturally aspirated engines.

Available in 90.5/92 and 94mm bores with 42 x 37.5 and 44 x 37.5 valves, and 46 x 37.5 valves in 94mm bore only. The 46mm valve head shows included VW650 Springs & Titanium Retainers.

Sold in Pairs - Specify Camshaft & Rockers when ordering!

CNC Super Street Eliminators (46 x 37.5) 94 bore w/VW650 Springs & Titanium Ret

SKU: 173
VAT Included
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