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1600cc Top end rebuild kit.

The kit includes:

Twin port cylinder heads,

AA Performance 85.5mm barrels and pistons.

Pushrod tubes.

Engine gasket kit.

Main oil seal.

009 distributor.

4x spark plugs.

Usually around 5 days delivery.

Good Quality


This kit can be fitted to earlier 1300-1600cc singleport engines.

The inlet manifold and carburettor will need to be replaced with a Twinport version.

For Vehicles Beetle 1971-1979 | Beetle Cabrio 1971-1979 | Karmann Ghia 1971-1974 | T2 Bay 1971-1979 | Type 3 1971-1973


Product Vehicle Years

T2 Bay1971 - 1979Beetle1971 - 1979Type 31971 - 1973Karmann Ghia1971 - 1974Beetle Cabrio1971 - 1979

1600cc Top end rebuild kit. Beetle and Bus type 1 - Email for availability

SKU: ach--043-198-001
VAT Included
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