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123ignition distributor impress with modern, maintenance-free technology and perfectly suit modified engines, no matter if installed in a Beetle, Type-2 Bus (Splitscreen and Bay Window), Karmann Ghia (Type-14), Type-3, Thing (Type-181), 411/412, Porsche 356, 912 or 914.

Inside the aluminum body is an up-to-date electronic ignition and because of the compact design, no other moduls are necessary. Via a DIP switch you can choose between several advance curves. A precise overview of all available curves is shown in the installation instructions.

Because the 123ignition distributors come with a universal body which can be pushed too deep inside the vw crankcase,  an adapter ring is sometimes required. 

If using a stock style distributor clamp a 10mm space is usually needed. 

If using a billet aluminium clamp then it can depend on the thickness of the clamp.  Some need a thinner space or around 5mm while some don't require a spacer. 


These distributors will works with 6 and 12 volts, improves fuel consumption and reduces exhaus emissions. Furthermore it automatically switches off current one second after engine standstill!

Here are the features at a glance:

  • electronic ignition
  • various advance curves choosable
  • maintenance-free design
  • compact design, no other moduls necessary
  • one second after engine standstill current is automatically switched off
  • suitable for 6 volts and 12 volts
  • improves fuel consumption and exhaust emissions
  • aluminum body
  • adapter ring for VW and Porsche engines included
  • high quality red Beru cap


Different versions available:


123VW-R - Non vacuum advance,  with various set programs available with the twist of a dial.


123VW-R-V  - set programs as above with the addition of vacuum advance. 


123TUNE-4-R-V-V  - USB Programmable. 


123TUNE+-4-R-V-V  -  Bluetooth Programmable.  Use mobile device to show various read outs and disable the distributor with a PIN.


Spacer can be ordered using part no: ACH905123 Also requires Spacer ACH905123

123 VW-R ignition Distributor VW Type 1 Beetle 60-79, T2 Bay 68-79, T2 Split

SKU: 25140
VAT Included
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