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Chromoly Forged Uni-Tech Performance Rods are #1 in quality! Uni-Tech Performance Rods start life as brand new chromoly forgings. These are not re-manufactured stock rods. Uni-Tech Performance Rods are clearanced by design and can easily be installed in engines running strokes up to 82mm. Each rod is shot peened and finish honed to exact tolerances. Each rod is equipped with specially machined rod nuts to ensure the proper clearance for use with stroker crankshafts.

Uni-Tech Performance Rods can be used in stock engines or big bore stroker engines and are sold in balanced matched sets of 4. Uni-Tech Performance Rods give you race level quality at an affordable price.

Uni-Tech Performance Rods - 5.500'' (set of 4)

SKU: 216
VAT Included
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