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Type 4 Refurbished Long Block Engine.

1700/1800/2000cc Type 2 Bus.


Price is based on us building an engine supplied to us.


Stripped down, inspected for faults/cracks and chemically cleaned.

Oil galleries drilled/tapped before final clean and oil galleries plugged ready for build up.

Crankshaft reground as required.

Dynamically balanced

New camshaft

(Option of mild performance cam kit. please ask)

New main bearings

New big end bearings

New camshaft bearings

New camshaft followers

New barrels

New pistons with new piston rings

New gudgeon pins

New flywheel oil seal

Refaced flywheel

New spark plugs

Refurbished Cylinder heads

(Option of New cylinder heads. Please ask)

New valves

Guaranteed for 12 months / 10,000 miles.

If we are not building your own engine,

then a £500 refundable surcharge will be charged until we receive and inspect exchange engine.

All builds should be rolling road tuned after fitting to vehicle.

extra option available of Vapour blasted case and drilled/tapped/cleaned/plugged oil galleries. Please ask.

Type 4 Refurbished Engine. Long Block VW Type 2 Bus. T2 Dynamically balanced

SKU: 25124
VAT Included
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