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Twin Weber 34ICT carburettor kit to suit VW type 1 aircooled installations. Featuring German made CSP bellcrank linkage and manifolds.

Genuine Weber 34 ICT carburettors – not Chinese copies.

These come jetted for 1600cc unless you ask for different.

This kit includes:

Genuine Weber 34 ICT carburettors jetted to suit.

CSP bellcrank linkage.

Round air filters (52mm fitting neck, 96mm tall).

Eurocarb twin port manifolds with top and bottom gaskets, studs, nuts & washers.

Pre-heater blanking plates and gaskets.

Heat insulators between carburettors and manifolds

Blanking caps for carburettor vacuum take-offs

Type 1 dual port – twin Weber 34ICT kit: CSP bellcrank

VAT Included
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