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The Equalizer Crankshaft Pulley weighs in at a full 6 lbs and is manufactured from tough billet ring steel. The added weight of the Equalizer Crankshaft Pulley helps absorb some of the engines harmonic vibrations, much like a harmonic dampener. Having more weight on the pulley end of the crankshaft also helps "Equalize" weight on both ends of the crankshaft, reducing crank twist on hard launches. The timing degree ring is silk screened in place and each pulley and has a rust resistant silver zinc finish. The Equalizer Crankshaft Pulley measures 6 3/4" in diameter.

STEEL 6 3/4" Equalizer Crankshaft Pulley Silver Type 1 Beetle 60-79, T2 Bay 68-7

SKU: ACH105261
VAT Included
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