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 Space Saver Intake Manifolds reverse the mounting position of the carburetors to face the mixture screws inwards. You get a new look for your custom engine and mixture controls are easily accessible for adjustment. Most dual intake systems with IDF or DRLA carburetors measure about 34 inches across in total width. Changing over to Space Saver Manifolds brings the total width down to less than 32 inches.


Sold in Pairs - Hardware and Gaskets Included.


NOTE: Not compatible with stock fan shroud - Requires aftermarket shroud, max. 21 7/8" wide.



Carburetor linkage - Requires CB performance Space saver Hex Bar linkage OR Bell crank linkage kit.


CB Performance Space Saver Manifolds -IDF & DRLA (set of 2) Type 1 Beetle Bus

SKU: 3267
VAT Included
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