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Shockwave Ignition Kit

The new Shockwave distributor connects directly to the ignition coil producing 40kv of ignition power. All In One ignition system including one high output HE/ ignition coil and one set of High Performance 8mm ultra low resistance silicone spark plug wires.

Includes both straight and 90 degree coil wire ends

OEM style plug wire air seals for ease of installation and improved sealing

Dry coil design for increased dwell potential. Easy to view laser etched positive and negative terminals. HE/ coil lead end for precise connection

High output ignition module design offering improved dwell for increased spark output

One piece CNC billet housing

CNC machined stator assembly for precise Ignition timing on all cylinders

Plug and Play ignition module that does not require external ignition boxes

"T" style brass rotor tip offering increased spark advance and retard cabability

Adjustable advance system by the use of springs for rate of advance and bushings for total advance

Viton upper shaft seal

Advance lock out capability

Will function with external ignition boxes both programmable and non programmable

SILVER - PAT DOWNS PERFORMANCE Pat Downs Performance Shockwave Ignition

SKU: ShockwaveSilver
VAT Included
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