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WISECO Pistons require additional clearance due to their design. Additionally, the hone finish on a standard AA Cylinder is not ideal for performance piston rings used on the Wiseco piston.

CB Performance, in conjunction with Geoff Hart of Hart Performance and Machine, came up with the ideal hone finish and wall clearance for the Race Ready Cylinder. Each cylinder is precision honed using a torque plate, resulting in a perfectly straight cylinder once installed. We use a 480 grit hone finish for superior ring seal and break-in time. In house testing at CB Performance has shown up to a 10 HP gain with the Race Ready Cylinders over standard AA Cylinders.

The Race Ready 94mm AA Cylinders are available with 2 x 2 x 4 Ring Pack Wiseco Pistons (#1021), or 1 x 1.2 x 2.8 Ring Pack Wiseco Pistons (#1022). Also available as Cylinders Only

Race Ready 94mm AA Cylinders & Wiseco Pistons

SKU: 180
VAT Included
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