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When was the last time your VW chewed up a fan belt? If you're tired of rolled-up and twisted fan belts, we've got the answer! We call it a Pulley Shim Kit, and it provides a way to align your engines pulleys. 99% of VW fan belt problems are due to misalignment of the pulleys. And you should know by now that fan belt pulleys have to be exactly in line, or they shred the belt!

Why don''t the pulleys just naturally fall in line when you bolt 'em on? For openers, not all generator/alternator shafts are the same length! Brand new alternators are longer then most generators and not all pulleys have the same offset. The depth of fan mounting sheet metal varies and even fan shroud housings differ. The proper way to dial in your pulleys is to install the pulleys, check the actual vertical alignment with a straight edge and install the correct amount of pulley shims behind the pulleys.

Our Pulley Shim Kits include special steel shims to fit the generator/alternator shaft and the main crankshaft. The shims, are in varying thicknesses to provide the adjustments needed to align just about any set of pulleys. A properly setup pulley should hang in there to over 7500 RPM.

This kit features 2 large .045" Shims, 2 large .030" shims, 2 small .045" shims, and 2 .030" shims

Pulley Shim Kit

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