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Looking for more power? Special cast-in Panchito 044� style ports make these manifolds ready for true bolt-on horsepower! Panchito 044� Intake Manifolds are now available to fit Type-1 & Type-2 VW applications with IDF or DRLA dual carburetors. Increased power, quick throttle response, and believe it or not, improved gas mileage can be the result of properly tuned dual carbs. These Manifolds are specifically designed to match up to our All-New Panchito 044� line of Cylinder Heads.

Sold in Pairs. Hardware and Gaskets Included

Works well with these CB Linkage Kits:
3137 Porsche Style Linkage for off-set Manifolds
3143 Air Cleaner Linkage Kit - fits Off-set Manifolds (manifolds not included) - fits IDF/DRLA Series Carburetors.

CB Performance carries all necessary Gaskets & Accessories, Linkage Accessories and Individual Carbs to install your Panchito 044 Intake Manifolds on your aircooled engine.

Panchito 044� Intake Manifolds - fits Type-1 & Type-2 (set of 2)

SKU: 31621
VAT Included
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