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Mr Torque Tool allows you to undo your 36mm hub nut and any 6v or 12v flywheel gland nut with ease, and MORE importantly, refitting the nut to correct torque.

Simple to use just divide the amount of torque required by 9 and set you torque wrench to this number. So to torque a rear hub nut to 230 ft lb all you need to do is set your torque wrench to 25 ft lb.

This tool can save you time and money as only a small torque wrench is required to do the highest of torque settings

Quality: Good quality


Can be used on all 36mm nuts fitted to all VW Beetle rear axles and pre 1963 Splitscreen Buses. It can also be used on later splitscreen Buses if they are fitted with a Beetle rear hub assembly.

It can also be used on the main flywheel gland nut fitted to all aircooled engines.

Mr Torque Tool

SKU: ACHmulti
VAT Included
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