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Gene Berg fan shroud mounted Linkage .


Gene Berg parts are well known to be some of the very best parts available for Classic Type 1 engines.


Their linkage  kit is  another fine product that fits and works very well!


Available for: 


GB 450-ICT  - ICT Carbs

GB 450-KADRON  - Dual Solex KADRON 40mm carburetors

GB 451  - 48 IDA Webers on short manifolds

GB 453  - 48 IDA Webers on tall Acricast (or copies)

GB 454  - 40, 44, 48 IDF Weber.

GB 454D - Dellorto Carbs


Silver powdercoat or wrinkle black finish as std with stainless rod, chrome or zinc heims (stock availablity), chrome or zinc ball joints. 23-1/2 inches side to side.

CARE Empi tall IDF manifolds are closer together and will hit - ask for the GB 449S angle which is 2" narrower.
Available without coil notch if required. Also ADD STAINLESS angle �40.00


Made for various linkages for different carb set-ups. Hooks up to stock cable end and is adjustable to ensure smooth operation. 3 heim joints eliminate shaft bending. Adjustable throttle stops prevents bending of butterfly shafts. Polished billet center pivot. Requires stock VW fan housings (or equivalent with coil bracket and correct mounting locations) and comes with understandable copyrighted instructions.

Made in USA by Gene Berg Ent.

    Gene Berg Fan Shroud Mounted Throttle Linkage Type 1

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