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Aircooled Hut UK LTD.

A Fully refurbished Transporter T25 1900cc & 2100cc

long block only. (Full engine available on request)

(We rebuild your existing engine or on an exchange basis) 

(We can also remove tinware and ancillaries etc. Then refit to the new long block at a cost of £900 plus parts)

Our refurbished Long Blocks are stripped, thoroughly cleaned and inspected for faults. Crankcase is line bored for over sized bearings & Crankshaft ground as required.  Crankshaft is dynamically balanced along with the Flywheel to limit engine vibrations. The reduction of vibrations increases HP figures, gives a smoother drive and more importantly increases engine life!

Crankcase is painted silver & then carefully assembled using best quality bearings throughout, along with quality gaskets and seals. 

Critical areas are set in accordance to VW specifications. Cam bearing thrusts are set, Rod side play checked, Crank to Cam gear lash checked, Oil gallery ports matched to bearings, Oil pump set, Flywheel end play set to VW Specification, Piston ring gaps set, Valve guides, valves replaced or new heads fitted. valves lapped in, valve clearances set.

This is what you get:

Crankshaft ground as required

New camshaft and lifters

New main bearings, big end bearings, camshaft bearings

New oil pump

New pistons, barrels & wrist pins

New flywheel oil seal and gaskets/seals

New spark plugs

Refurbished cylinder heads

(We rebuild your existing engine or on an exchange basis) 

OPTIONAL EXTRAS: (in addition to listed price)

New Cylinder heads

Performance Camshaft.

Strip down full enhine and rebuild into new block/perform cam burn in and initial tune.

Paint tinware option.

New carbs/fuel pump etc.

Fully refurbished Transporter T25 1900cc long block Engine 2100cc

VAT Included
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