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Dual 48 IDF's are a great alternative to their brother (and more expensive ida;s) 

Plenty of mid-range and upper end power, Dual 48 IDF's should be on your shopping list. They work best on engines with stroker cranks and big valves. The installation and tuning of a set of Dual 48's is simplified by the use of the superb CB Performance Crossbar Linkage.


Air Correction Jet: 2.00 (drilled)Emulsion Tube: F-2Main Jet: 1.75 (drilled)Pump Jet: .50Idle Jet: .60 (drilled)Venturi: 40mm

Jetted to suit engine size on request 

Dual Weber 48 IDF Kit, CSP linkage - Type-1

SKU: 64161
VAT Included
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