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Dual 44 Webers move you into the serious power circuit. This is where you start thinking about stroker cranks and Street Eliminator Cylinder Heads in order to maximize the increased flow of Weber 44mm Carburetors. Velocity stacks, CB's top quality Manifolds, Worlds best Cross Bar Linkage and Air Filters are included in each kit. Weber 44 IDF Carburetors are available in kit form to fit most Dual Port VW and Porsche requirements.

(Velocity Stacks are not included in 40 IDF Kits)



  • Air Correction Jet: 1.75

  • Emulsion Tube: F-11

  • Main Jet: 1.35

  • Pump Jet: .50

  • Idle Jet: .60 (drilled)

  • Venturi: 36mm

Dual Weber 44 IDF Kit, Empi linkage andmanifolds - Type-1

SKU: 64131
VAT Included
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