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High-Flow exhaust for Beetle with Type 1 engine from 1956 onwards. It combines subtle looks and a sporty sound with high quality and durability thanks to stainless steel.

The first thing to notice is the unobtrusive look of the CSP Products High-Flow exhaust. The form of the muffler resembles the stock version used on Beetles up to 1960, but as opposed to the original part it is made from stainless steel and operates on the absorbing principle. This means less backpressure, resulting in an improved cylinder charge and better combustion. Which in return let the engine breath freely and gain noticeable more horsepower. This is accompanied by a sententious but not obtrusive sound.

The tailpipes also back up the subtle appearance of the exhaust system. They are also made from stainless steel and their feed-through is 139 percent bigger compared with the stock tailpipes. But this is not achieved with a huge diameter! With their 42 mm outer diamater they are just a bit bigger than the stock ones (35 mm). Plus they resamble the genuine VW parts right down to the sound baffles.

Special highlight of the CSP Products High-Flow system: As opposed to most sport exhausts the tailpipes on the the CSP Products High-Flow exhaust are removable. This way you can use stock tailpipes under certain circumstances if necessary.

We recommend the CSP Products High-Flow exhaust system up to around 90 hp, no matter what engine displacement. It is available with or without heat risers.

Here are the features at a glance:

  • muffler made of stainless steel 1.4301
  • solid laser-cut flanges
  • with or without heat risers
  • 42 mm stainless steel tailpipes which exit in the stock openings of the rear valance
  • tailpipes with sound baffle
  • for use with heat exchangers
  • versions for 1200 cc/30 hp, 1200 cc/34 hp and from 1300 cc onwards available
  • performance-enhancing
  • sporty, unobtrusive sound
  • high quality mounting material included
  • the versions with heat risers are not compatible with a filter oil pump!

Beetle CSP High Flow Exhaust - 1963-79 - 1300cc-1600cc WITH Heat Rise

PriceFrom £429.50
VAT Included
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