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After almost Thirty years of offering our OEM forging 1.25 Rockers, we've decided to renew our tooling and forging dies. The new design incorporates an oil groove that not only prevents shaft galling but ensures oil makes it to the valve adjusting screw Over the years, metallurgy has improved so we contacted the Foundry Metallurgist's to see what they had to say. After much research and comparing notes, we made prototypes and performed our usual extensive testing on the dyno and in employee's vehicles, as well as a couple of well known race cars. After testing several different materials, we decided to use the same 4340 chromoly heat treat and QPQ Anti-wear coating as our 1.3 & 1.4 forged racing rocker arms. They have been in the Winner's Circle since introduction with a perfect score.

With all-new tooling and 4340 forged steel, the CB Performance Super Stock 1.1:1 Rockers are engineered to last. The new addition of an oil channel greatly improves oil flow to the valve adjusting screw and prevents galling of the rocker shaft. CB Performance Super Stock 1.1:1 Rocker Arms are induction hardened with a QPQ Anti-wear coating, creating a superior part to OEM rockers.

You now can have them in Standard 1.1:1 Ratio or the Original CB 1.25:1 Ratio!

CB Super Stock Rocker Arm - Complete Kit 1.1:1 Ratio (stock)

SKU: 169
VAT Included
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