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if you value your engine then the bugpack breather system is a must. It is designed to relieve engine crankcase pressure without spillage or loss of oil from the system EMPI s complete engine VW oil breather kit is made from cast aluminum and helps reduce crankcase pressure eliminate blow-by and oil loss. High revving modified engines require more crankcase ventilation than the stock breather can supply. With the aluminum oil breather kit the blow-by oil is collected in the foam filter and the air vapors are vented to the atmosphere. The kit includes heavy duty breather hose plus internal baffles that include a screen mesh shelf to elevate the foam filter element. The breather box kit includes 8 feet of 1/2 oil hose 5 vent fittings and 5 hose clamps.Cast Aluminum Breather System with Valve Cover Vents

Oil Breather Box Kit Polished Aluminium

VAT Included
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