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EFI systems trigger coils in two ways, wasted spark and sequential. The term "wasted spark" refers to two cylinders firing the spark plug at the same time when only one spark per cylinder is needed. On VW engines, #1 and #3 spark plugs will fire together and #2 and #4 will fire together. Wasted spark is the most common way of triggering ignition coil/coils on most EFI applications.

The term" Sequential" refers to cylinders firing once every 180 degrees of crankshaft rotation based on the firing order of the engine. When triggering coils in Sequential, precise ignition timing is achieved by the trimming of each cylinders spark timing, allowing for 100% accuracy throughout the engines rpm range.

Sequential spark requires the EFI ECU to know where #1 cylinder is in the firing order of the engine. The use of a cam sync is the easiest way of accomplishing this task. The cam sync replaces the distributor, triggering the EFI ECU when #1 cylinder is reached in the firing order. The ECU then fires each coil individually based on the firing order of the engine. The CB performance Micro Cam Sync uses a Hall output and does not incorporate a pull up resistor. If your ECU requires a pull up resistor, please contact the manufacturer about adding one to your system. ONLY the CB Performance Gen-4 ECU allows for a hall cam input.

***Not compatible with previous versions of CB's EFI.***

USES #7150 Connector

Wiring -
Red - Switched Power 5v up to 16v
Black - Ground
Blue - Signal to ECU

7073 Micro Cam-Sync

SKU: 25066
VAT Included
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