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At the heart of the build is a Autolinea super race case, pre-clearanced and shuffle pinned, full flowed for the use of a remote oil filter/cooler. Case is fully prepared internally for correct bearing alignment, de-burred and thoroughly cleaned using high pressure cleaning.

The rotating assembly consists of a Forged chromoley crankshaft (bearing clearences set) which is dynamically balanced with the flywheel for smooth operation, less bearing wear and more hp!
Conrods used will be forged chromoley H-beam rods, with the very best ARP bolts. (rods are balanced end to end)
A SCAT C55 Camshaft fitted with straight cut gears matched to SCAT lightweight cam followers. (Double thrust cam bearings with correct side play set)
A heavy duty 30mm Oil Pump along with top quality Oil relief full flow cover. (Gene berg or CSP)
Piston kit will be Forged items for added strength with all ring gaps set for fast road use.
94mm Twin port, Performance cylinder heads, CNC Ported for high flow and flycut to obtain the correct compression ratio for the chosen cam.
1.25:1 Forged performance ratio rockers to match the camshaft with lash caps to protect the valve stem tips.
Stainless steel or Bolt on Aluminium rocker covers fitted with breather vents to link to your chosen breather system.
Fuel pump blank with breather vent (replaces the stock pump)
Rotary Electronic fuel pump fitted giving correct pressure for Weber carbs.
200mm 8 doweled Forged Flywheel secured with a performance 38mm Gland nut (350 - 400 ftlbs)
Deep Sump extension for extra oil capacity (Avoids pickup pipe sucking in oil froth)
Billet drain plate or 8 bolt plate.
Genuine A-1 Sidewinder Exhaust system. Stainless steel with polished silencer. (Choice of tail pipes to suite vehicle)
Full tinware set prepared for correct fitment, and either Powder coated in chosen coating or available in 2k Paint to chosen colour.
55amp Alternator kit.
Fuel lines, Genuine Codan R9 for long life even with todays aggressive fuels.
Oil Filter on a remote filter stand and length of oil line with High Temp flame proof sleeve to protect from exhaust system.
Filters used are Wix Pro or K&N filter.
Serpentine Pulley system (Available in Polished aluminium, Black, Red or Blue)
Choice of breather tower or breather box
Topped off with the legendary Weber 48IDA carbs!
Full warranty.*


Please see the various options available to personalise your engine build. If you have any special requests please let us know and we can add them for you.

2276cc (2275cc) Turn Key engine making in the region of 170hp PRICE FRO

SKU: T1170hp
VAT Included
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