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The MAGNASPARK II Dry Pack Coil uses special low inductance windings which charge faster helping to produce incredible spark energy.

Oil filled coils can not come close to the spark output of the MAGNASPARK II Dry Pack Coil. This new dry pack coil runs cooler than oil filled coils resulting in a consistent spark output over sustained periods of use. Special epoxy filled construction helps to withstand harsh vibration in racing applications or every day wear and tear in your street driven car.

INSTALLATION NOTE: With the mounting bracket facing down, the top terminal is the negative side and the bottom terminal is the positive side. You can also see a small plus or minus sign on either side of the plastic tab that separates the two terminals.


  • Turns Ratio: 72:1
  • Inductance: 8 mh
  • Primary Resistance: 1.1 OHMs
  • Secondary Resistance: 13.5K OHMs
  • Maximum Voltage: 30,000 Volts
  • Peak Current: 45 mA
  • Spark Duration: 2.5 mS


SKU: 210
VAT Included
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