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1956cc Long Block Using all new quality parts.

One of my favourite builds. You get the thickness of a 90.5mm barrel to remove any chance of the cracking.

And a 76mm stroker crankshaft making it very close to 2.0 litre capacity. Making it great for fuel economy, while keeping up with motorway traffic.

READY NOW & FOR SALE (no waiting list on this build as was a customers who is no longer in a position to buy)

CB Performance Panchito heads.

Engle Performance camshaft ideal for Bus or Beetle.

Engle cam followers.

Heavy Duty valve springs.

Straight cut gears.

Autolinea magnesium case.

Full flowed for remote twist on Oil filter.

Deep sump.

SCAT 5.4" forged iBeam rods

Forged 76mm crankshaft

90.5mm AA Performance piston kit

Heavy duty pushrods.

Aluminium sprung Pushrod tubes

Aluminium Rocker covers

German Rockers on bolt up shafts.

Lightened 8 dowel 200mm 12v Flywheel.


Can be built to turn key if required for extra.

Match ported inlet manifolds can be supplied at £145.

1 year warranty.

1956cc All New Long Block Engine PRICE FROM

SKU: 25113
VAT Included
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