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1600cc ALL NEW PARTS TURN KEY ENGINE. (Full warranty)

This is a complete engine, with a balanced Crank assembly.

Single carb kit (Upgrade to twin carbs available)

Stock type exhaust (upgrades are available)

Stock 69mm Crankshaft

36mm gland nut

Stock type iBeam Rods

Flywheel 200mm 12v (Please state is 180mm required)

Piston & Cylinder kit

High Quality Rod Bearings

High Quality Cam Bearing Set

High Quality Complete Gasket setRed Silicone Main Seal

Heavy Duty Steel pushrod set

Stock type 1.1 rocker set

Stock camshaft and lifters (Mild performance cam kit available on request)

Aluminium Helical cam gear

New autolinea Crankcase

Cylinder Heads : Dual Port Cylinder Heads (Single Port on request)

New tinware (without heat. Select WITH HEAT Option as required)

New alternator kit

NEW Ignition Coil


HT Leads

Spark plugs

Twin Port Cooling fan and hub fitting kit

Steel crank pulley & Stock bolt w/washer

Steel Alternator pulley and Bolt

clutch kit (early or late, please let us know which)

(No exchange required)

1600cc All New Parts Turn Key Engine - Twin port or Single port

SKU: 25098-2021
VAT Included
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