Short block crankcase builds (exchange basis) Supplied with NEW MAIN BEARINGS NEW BIG ENDS NEW CAM BEARINGS (REPLACED WITH BEST QUALITY SILVERLINE OR MAHL BEARINGS) NEW Elring silicone Flywheel oil seal NEW Elring Gasket set CASE: AS41 dual relief, genuine VW, with or without bus mounts. Align bored as required. Chemical cleaned inside/out and then painted black. CRANK: Genuine VW reground as required forged crank CAMSHAFT AND LIFTERS: Stock 1600 camshaft and lifters (OR upgrade to Engle 110 street cam. Ask for current prices) CONRODS: VW forged conrods FLYWHEEL: supplied with 200mm or 180mm 12v. End float set to correct specification. This engine price is based on an exchange engine in serviceable condition. £350 surcharge. (Must turn and be drained of oil otherwise call to discuss)

Short block crank case build


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