CB's O.E. Style Billet Serpentine Belt System stops the problems of broken alt/gen pulleys and thrown belts while keeping the "stock" look. We took the best pulley system out there and made it better! Manufactured from a solid billet of T-6 Aluminum, with the original style of the stamped steel OEM top and bottom pulleys. Now with timing marks and numbers at 0, 5, 10, 20, and 30 degrees. We have even added a line at BDC for ease of valve adjusting!

CNC precision machined and polished to spin true for that stealth high performance engine. Measures 7" in diameter.

The flat multi-grooved belt and idler pulley help reduce drag and lost power while increasing cooling efficiency and reliability. The all NEW Billet O.E. Serpentine Belt System is easy to install. The belt tensioner bracket is held in position by the alt./gen. stand base bolts, just bolt it on. Serpentine Belts run silent, true, and outlast V belts many times over.

Fits all upright, air-cooled, VW Engines. The pulleys will not work when OE Mexico Alternator Stands are used. You must use a Stock style Alt/Gen Stand instead. **Serpentine Belt Systems will not fit with stock fuel injection on late model bugs.** Each Kit includes a CB #1889 Serpentine Belt.

Serpentine Belt System with O.E. Style Pulley - Polished


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