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Permatex -Aviation Form-a-Gasket Gasket No.3 (35572) - 115ml

This is the sealant originally used by VW on there now classic vehicle Engines!

Great between the case halves and any other machined surfaces you don't want to leak oil.

Permatex Aviation Form A Gasket is a dark reddish brown, viscous liquid with an alcoholic odor.
Slow drying and changes from a smooth liquid to a tacky, pliable fil, through solvent evaporation
Uses; Seals close fitting parts, machined surfaces and threaded connections in industrial, aircraft, marine and automotive applications.
Temperature range -54 to 204 degrees celcius.
Stands gasoline, oil and anti-freeze.

Permatex Aviation Form-A-Gasket No.3 Gasket Sealant gasket material 118ml/3.9oz

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