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Gene Berg 4 Speed Shifters


Please let us know : YEAR, LHD or RHD.  Plus any other information you wish to give.


Then select which shifter handle you require. (Popular oprions below)


Order  placed with Gene Berg every couple of weeks and take approximately 4-6 weeks to UK.

Price includes courier cost to your address.


4 Speed Made in USA by Gene Berg Enterprises.

These shifters now have a polished handle as stock with all other handles being upgrades.


GB 6710 


GB 6746  (LHD)    GB6746R (RHD)
Pre 1960 bus shifter. Chassis number up through 501706, ball diameter 15.7mm. Polished inset T handle as standard subject to availability. Approx 22" tall. Please note that you should always check your ball diameter BEFORE ordering as we are seeing a rising number of cases where previous owners have replaced the stock shift rod with the 60-65 one. We are able to make a hybrid shifter for this, as neither the GB 6746 or 6748 will work correctly. SW #5 


GB6748  (lhd)    GB 6748R (rhd)

60-mid 1966 bus shifter. Fits chassis number 501707 through 2x6-028-111. NOTE: 1966 is a split model year so check your VIN number. Will not fit the older vehicles with a straight shift rod and smaller ball. Our ball is standard 21.50mm. Approx 7/8" from bottom of base to bottom of ball. Total length approx 25" floor to top of handle. SW #6 Polished handle as standard. Handle color subject to change.


GB6750  (LHD)    GB6750R  (RHD)

mid 1966-79 bus shifter. Fits chassis number 2X6-028-112 to the Vanagon. Approx 1-3/8" from bottom of base to bottom of ball. Polised inset T handle as standard. Length approx 25" from floor to top of handle. SW#6 


Gene Berg 4 Speed Shifters - Select options required

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