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A high quality Forged Chromoly 4140 Crankshaft by EMPI.

Counter-weighted crankshafts greatly reduce power robbing and damaging crank-flex, high RPM harmonics and vibration through the entire power range. EMPI's Counter-weighted Crankshafts are perfect for the racer on a budget. These cranks are precision ground, micro-polished, nitrided and include dynamic balancing. Features include: forged from 4140 chromoly, radiused standard/standard journals, drilled to 8 dowel and 8mm dowel pins are installed. Stock 69mm stroke with added oil grooves for longer bearing life. Uses stock VW main and rod bearings.

EMPI Chromoly 4140 69mm Crankshaft: Beetle (1960-1979), T2 Bay (1968-1979), T2

SKU: 00-8120-0
VAT Included
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