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CB Performance is proud to announce our latest design: Pro-Series Adjustable Push Rod Tubes. Finally, an Adjustable Push Rod Tube with consistent spring tension, regardless of engine width!

These new Push Rod Tubes are adjustable by just moving a snap ring from stock width to 1/2" narrower and up to 3/4" wider, in 1/4" increments. They seal up using "tried-and-true" original silicone push rod tube seals, so no need to hunt down custom o-rings that get flat with heat and age.

Made to fit Type-1 Upright Aircooled Engines only. Accommodates up to 1.5:1 Ratio Rockers

CB Performance BLACK Pro-Series Adjustable Push Rod Tubes - set of 8

SKU: 1572
VAT Included
Out of Stock
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