20W50 Oil

4.5 litre

A nice multigrade alternataitve to the old 30 grade that Aircooled vehicles had to use!


A premium economy motor oil recommended for use in passenger cars not requiring the latest specifications. Will give good protection against wear and help reduce oil consumption where this has become a problem in older engines. A multigrade which can be used in petrol and diesel engines without turbochargers operating under normal conditions. Meets the specification API SF/CC. 1 gallon equals 4.54 litres Straight 30 Grade engine oil was what was originally specified by VW as the oil grade to use for Air-Cooled VW Engines. Since VW designed the first Air-Cooled Engine Multi grade oils were bought into production which can now be used as an alternative. Engine Oil Grades The viscosity rating of a multi-grade oil is broken down into two parts: The number before the W is the 'winter' or 'cold start' rating. The lower the number the thinner the oil. This allows quick flow when the engine is started cold (cold crank). 90% of engine ware happens at this time due to the engine running in a dry state. The second number is the viscosity rating of the oil at 100C. The higher the number the thicker the oil giving protection of 'metal on metal' ware when the engine is hot. So... Morris straight 30 stays the same viscosity at all engine temperatures. Where a 10W40 starts very thin then when the engine is at running temperature it gets thicker. NOTE: Semi-Synthetic or Synthetic multi-grade oil MUST NOT be used in an air-cooled engine. Only mineral Multi-Grade oils.
Part number: 888999005TP

20W50 Mineral Engine Oil 4.5 litre

SKU: 888999005TP

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