1641cc ALL NEW PARTS TURN KEY ENGINE. (Full warranty)

Parts can be changed to suit your requirments/vehicle.


SIngle carb kit (Upgrade to twin carbs)

Stock type exhaust (upgrade Empi Sports)

Stock Crankshaft

Stock type iBeam Rods

Flywheel  (Beetle or Bus)

AA Piston & Cylinder kit (upgrade forged)

Gland Nut/Washer

High Quality Rod Bearings

High Quality Cam Bearing Set

High Quality Complete Gasket set
Red Silicone Main Seal


stock rockers

SCAT 125 cam/lifters

New autolinear alloy engine case

New tinware (with or without heaters)

New alternator kit

NEW Bosch coil

SVDA vacuum Distributor

Silicone HT Leads


Cylinder Heads :
Dual Port Cylinder Heads

(Single or Duel Port)

(No exchange required)


Get in touch for a personal quote to your specification.


Credit & Debit cards accepted along with paypal and bank transfer.

(To pay with card select debit/credit card below paypal login)

1641cc All New Parts Turn Key Engine (Twin Port)

Exhaust upgrade

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