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123TUNE+-4-R-V-V 4 - Bluetooth Programmable.


Use mobile device to show various read outs and Anti theft option which disables the distributor with a PIN.



Main features:

GPS Speed, Rev counter, Oil Temperature, Voltage & Amperage, Display timing,Real time tuning, vacuum advance, Soft rev-limiter, Boost retard...


123ignition distributor impress with modern, maintenance-free technology and perfectly suit modified engines, no matter if installed in a Beetle, Type-2 Bus (Split Screen and Bay Window), Karmann Ghia (Type-1 4), Type-3, Thing (Type-181), 411/412, Porsche 356, 912 or 914.Inside the aluminum body is an up-to-date electronic ignition and because of the compact design, no other modules are necessary. Via a DIP switch you can choose between several advance curves. A precise overview of all available curves is shown in the installation instructions.

Because the 123 ignition distributors come with a universal body which can be pushed too deep inside the vw crankcase, an adapter ring is sometimes required.

If using a stock style distributor clamp a 10mm space is usually needed.

If using a billet aluminium clamp then it can depend on the thickness of the clamp. Some need a thinner space or around 5mm while some don't require a spacer.

Spacer for stock steel clamp is part number: ACH905123


These distributors will work with 6 and 12 volts, improve fuel consumption and reduce exhaust emissions.

Furthermore it automatically switches off the current one second after the engine stand still.


Electronic ignition

various advance curves choosable

maintenance-free design

compact design, no other modules necessary

one second after engine standstill current is automatically switched off

suitable for 6 volts and 12 volts

improves fuel consumption and exhaust emissions

aluminum body

high quality red Beru cap


Different versions available:

123VW-R 2 - Non vacuum advance, with various set programs available with the twist of a dial.


123VW-R-V 2 1 - set programs as above with the addition of vacuum advance.


123TUNE-4-R-V-V 2 - USB Programmable.


123TUNE+-4-R-V-V 4 - Bluetooth Programmable. Use a mobile device to show various read outs and disable the distributor with a PIN.



direct.: CW/CCWvoltage: 4,0-15,0 Voltsrange: 500 - 8000 rpmtemperature: -30 to 100 Celsiuscoil: stock or High Energy coil primary coil NOT below 1,0 ohmdwell: constant current, fully autom.time-out: after 1 second current is switched offspark-bal.: better than 0,5 degr. crankshaftvacuum: Programmable: -20 / +20 degrees.curve: Wireless programmable with Android or iOS appmax.advance: 45 degr. crankshaftwiring: red = +6V or +12V, black = '-' coil, blue = chassis ground

More information on the 123 Ignition website here:

123 BLUETOOTH Tune+4-R-V-V Ignition Distributor - VW Type 1 Beetle 60-79,

SKU: 25141
VAT Included
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